How To Choose A Domain


how to choose a domain

How to choose a domain Name?

This is a very difficult part when you plan to start a website. A domain It’s a name for your website and it will be your brand name.

Tips to choose a perfect domain.

  •  Avoid numbers, symbols, and hyphens.
  • Use Target Keyword if possible.
  • Keep it short, simple & memorable.
  • Always prefer .com TLD.

Avoid Numbers, Symbols & Hyphens:- As I say always choose simple, short & memorable names for your domain. For example, my name is Jagjit Singh and I use instead of Numbers, Symbol & hyphens Make SEO difficult it impact the ranking in search engine.

avoid number, symols and hyphens

Use Target Keyword If Possible:- If you have a single keyword to rank on the search engine you can use that target keyword in your domain name. It will help you to get a high rank in the search engine for your niche keyword.


Keep It Short, Simple & Memorable:- It is a very important topic when you search for a domain. Always keep it in mind if you keep it simple, simple & memorable it will help your brand to be more popular.

short simple domains

Always Prefer .COM TLD:- There are many TLD’s/extensions Available world wide for domains like .com, .org, .in, .us, .au, .edu, .net. & more. Every country has its own TLD like india use .in, In USA .us, in pakistan .pk & more but .com TLD is very famous all over the world 80% people use .com you there websites. people has trust in .com TLD. 

Domain tld's

Top domain registrars 

  1. Godaddy
  2. Bluehost
  3. Hostinger
  4. Hostgator
  5. Namecheap


Top Web Hosting Providers

  1. Godaddy
  2. Bluehost
  3. Hostinger
  4. Hostgator
  5. Namecheap
  6. A2 hosting
  7. Hosting Raja

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